Install Rule Oracle JRE 7 Update 51 (64-bit) or higher is required for Polybase

I wanted to try out the new and shiny features of SQL Server 2017 when it was released last fall, so I opted to install it on one of my virtual machines.

However, after selecting all of the features, the installer produces the following error when it gets to the Feature Rules screen.

2017 Install error

My machine is missing Java components, which are essential for Polybase setup, as the error plainly shows. However, because Oracle owns Java and MS has no such rights for any third-party software, it is up to the user to read and agree to any such third-party license terms.

You can simply go back to the previous screen and uncheck the highlighted box if you don’t want to use Polybase.


I wanted to give Polybase a go so I went ahead to the link

This led me to download and install the most recent Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version, which is 10. I continued with my SQL server configuration once the simple java setup was completed, but a surprise awaited me: it failed again. Since the message stated that JRE 7 update 51 and higher should work, and there are only two versions listed on the Java website, I opted to try a lower version.

Java Versions

Downloaded and installed JRE 8 update 172 and SQL setup worked fine. Apparently SQL Server setup is unable to register JRE version 9 or higher. Marek Maśko  has a connect item filed to have this bug re mediated in SQL Server Installer, you can up vote his connect item

Hope these steps help somebody proceed successfully with their installations.


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