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Change the default installation path of SQL Server Management Studio

Since SQL Server 2016, Microsoft has separated SSMS installation from SQL Server Engine installation, and the SQL Server setup page now includes an option to install SSMS.

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SQL Script to find disk space on the server including mount point space

DBAs are frequently confronted with the problem of needing to obtain storage capacity data on a server, if the server has mount points configured then xp_fixeddrives does not provide complete information.

In such circumstances, I use the script below to retrieve free disc space on the servers, as well as mount point space. This script has been updated to output in the format below.

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Change the Default installation path for SQL Server management Studio using Command Prompt

I previously wrote a blog post about using PowerShell and the registry editor to modify the default installation path for SQL Server Management Studio here.
Since then, I’ve tried a few alternative approaches, and now I’m back with a new method for installing SQL Server Management Studio via the command line to a user-specified location.

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