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Azure Data Studio: Purpose and functionality

Azure Data Studio is a new graphical user interface (GUI) application for connecting to SQL Server from Microsoft. In this blog article, we’ll look at why we need it and what this new tool is.

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Building Windows Domain and Installing SQL server and Windows Cluster

This is the first of a multi-part article on how to run a SQL test lab on a laptop. To begin, we must first enable Windows’ hyper-V feature. Hyper-V is included with Windows 10, however it is turned off by default. We can utilize the GUI, PowerShell, or the command line to enable HyperV.

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Setting up a SQL Server Lab on your laptop using Hyper-V

With the Cloud at our disposal and a myriad of virtual Labs available, setting up a lab in this day and age is like reinventing the wheel. (MSDN membership, AWS free credits, additional offers) Both Azure and AWS provide free credits up to the tune of $150/mo or $100/mo to test their products, but sometimes your desire to build from the ground up takes over and you plunge in without a second thought.

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