Operation failed on virtual machine with error code UserErrorGenericSQLUserCorrectableFault. SQL ErrorNumber: 41070

If you, like me, get this problem when trying to backup a SQL Server 2017 database on Azure, there are two likely causes.

I’ll discuss the reasons and offer a solution.

  1. If you’re using SQL Server 2017 and are on CU15, this issue will appear every time you try to backup, as it’s a bug in CU15 that was fixed in a KB released later by Microsoft. The other option is to update to the most recent CU, which is now CU19.
  2. Even if you have the most recent CU and are still getting this issue, the next step is to check your AG group’s backup preference and adjust it to either primary or secondary instead of any replica. Voila, you’re back in the game and backup sets are operating perfectly again.

Let me know in comments if you think there are other ways to fix this error


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